High Speed Nail Machine

Model : Ei-HS-90
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Production Per 8 Hours With 85% Efficiency
Length(in MM) Thick SWG Thick MM Production in kg Per 8 hour Nails per Minute
75 10 3.25 1350 650
63 10 3.25 1150 650
50 10 3.25 930 650
50 12 2.6 650 700
45 14 2.6 425 760
Product Name High Speed Automatic Nail Making Machine
Model No. : Ei-HS-90
Price : 17,50,000 + 80,000 (NOISE COVER)
Rated Power : 10HP
Actual Power Rating : 6HP
Output : 760 nails per minute Max.
Wire Diameter : 2.0-3.8mm
Nail Length : 45–90mm
Dimension : 1500*1300*1100mm
Machine Weight Approx. : 2850kg
Skilled operator Demand : 1 skilled can operate 8 machines
Features : PLC(Delta) control based, AC drive Delta make, Motor Siemens or Bharat Bijlee, Auto control
Lubricating oil
7 sensord controls safety and counts the Nail
Advantages : Continuously Best and Accurate Quality
All tools are made of Tungsten Carbide
Longer life than older tools
Skilled operator Demand : 1 skilled can operate 8 machines
EI-HS-90 Spare Tool :
Ware Parts : Service life Price (In INR) Remarks
Griping Die : 2 Months 5000/Set Different nail’s diameter needs different dies. One set include two pairs. Our high speed nail making machine need to install witd one set of nail gripping die to produce one nail diameter
Nail cutter : Regrinding 4-6 week (2-3 Months Life) 4500/set Depends on the angles of nail points you want to make
Main Punch : Regrinding every 15 days 2000/pack Don’t need to replace, just recover every time after using 15 days
Vice Punch : 2 months 1000/Pack
Adjusting rod for Punch : 2 months 200/Pack One machine needs to installed with 3 packs adjusting rod
AT5-2000 belt for transferring nails : 3 to 5 weeks 4000/Pair Suitable for various nail diameters
HTD14-2562 Spindle linkage belt : 1 Year 13,000/Pack Suitable for various nail diameters
HTD-8736 Inside driving belt : 1 Year 4000/Pack Suitable for various nail diameters


Ekta Industry’s High speed nail making machine is a combination of market demand and any of the advance technology available. It’s designed and developed to be highly automated electromechanical integrated product. This nail making machine have wide usages, simple operation and reliable run. High speed nails making machine EI-HS-90 New Design generation, a revolutionary progress in nail making industry. This equipment has the advantages of convenient operation, stable quality, low consumption and low unit cost, low manpower etc.


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